Short film support

Your project stands for art, for the promotion of democracy, for independent cinema, for queer films, for women in film and for positive representation? If the moment and the idea catch us, we are there with a low budget! Our focus is on productions that promote the EU spirit or are made in Europe. We keep an eye on funding platforms for great projects but you can also pitch your project to us in preview.

On this page we show you a selection of films we have backed.

Production executive

The Rev GBR 2021 completed

A comedy about a vicar in the midst of an identity crisis whose imagination runs wild when he’s asked to organise a funeral.

WoMum GBR 2021 funding

When left without a man in her life Sofia is forced to find her purpose in someone she never imagined.
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Poles GBR 2021 completed

A lonely young woman struggles to deal with her melancholy despite the efforts of friends and family.

Smudged Smile GBR 2021 completed

Zoe, a seemingly joyful teenager struggles with depression, trying to maintain the happy image that everyone knows and loves.

#MenToo GBR 2021 completed 05/06/2021

A veeery satirical musical comedy

Papá Oso ESP 2021 completed 15/07/2021

A story about Eva, a 12-year-old girl who doesn’t have a good relationship with her father Jorge after the first day of her parents’ divorce.

Crowdfunding (reward-based)

Tremolo DEU 2021 post-production

A deaf boy meets his own father again after a long time, who is a musician by profession and does not know sign language. Over a long weekend, they both learn that they speak a common language through music.

Brunch – A gay drama DEU 2021 pre-production

Four Frenemies meet for brunch and the brunch table turns into a stage where they search for real life.

VIVID DREAMS DEU 2021 post-production

Imagine being able to travel with all your senses in your memories and talk again to people who are no longer part of your life.

be named DEU 2021 premiere 13/08/2021

The short film brings the hard struggle for one’s own way in life – losing oneself and finding oneself – to the point. A journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance.

Kismet DEU 2021 post-production

Carla and Kerim want there to be no doubt that they married for love. However, the immigration authorities suspect that their marriage is a sham. So they send an official to check on their love together with a translator. Questions such as: “On which side of the bed do they sleep?” or “What size shoes does your partner wear?” are to decide whether their love is true.

DiamantenVater DEU 2021 post-production

Two brothers. On the road in an old VW bus. Their father’s last wish leads them on an unwanted journey into their past.

Generation Tochter DEU 2021–2022

Clara lives underground with her mother, who is wanted by the police. When they are blackmailed into robbery, Clara’s rebellion is the only way out. An aesthetic coming-of-age action thriller with feminist standards.

Come With Me to the Cinema – The Gregors DEU 2021

A life without cinema is possible, but pointless. True to this motto, the Gregors have been travelling all over the world since 1957 to find unusual films and bring them to Berlin. They recreated and indispensably enriched the discourse on film in post-war Germany, as well as adding the Forum section to the Berlinale in 1971 – thus decisively shaping the profile of the Berlin International Film Festival. The life’s work of this unconventional couple.

Stillleben DEU 2021

Liv, a young woman who loves to paint, lives with her boyfriend Steve. However, Steve’s expressions of affection and love are quickly mixed with the urge to manipulate and control Liv’s life. However, she does not see the faults in him, but in herself. The film is told in the form of a parallel montage. While the past documents the course of the relationship, Liv recapitulates her experiences in the present and tries to come to terms with them. A film about domestic violence processed by a young woman in the form of a still life.

Flugticket DEU 2021

Losing someone completely pulls the rug out from under your feet. But how does one deal with this situation in retrospect? Lukas, the dogged medical student entrenched in his world, was not always like this. The death of his mother changed him. Just as Clara was no longer the same after the death of her brother. But they both seem to deal with it differently. Is there a perfect way? A story of repression and confrontation.