• 13|02|2022 At the Berlinale 2022, the documentary Come With Me to the Cinema - The Gregors will have its world premiere in the Forum Special section.
  • 12|10|2021 Since march 2002 interfilm Berlin each month curates a thematical shortfilm program in Berlin. The 225th edition of Shorts Attack makes a stop at ACUDkino on 21 October.
  • 30|09|2021 The Rev, a queer comedy about a vicar in the midst of an identity crisis whose imagination runs wild when he’s asked to organise a funeral, is completed and will premiere its first appearance at the London Film Festival as part of the BFI’s London Calling programme.
  • 11|08|2021 Candid Broads’ WoMum still needs your support on Kickstarter. Let’s make unheard women’s voices heard!
  • 07|08|2021 In the meantime much has happened: POLES and Smudged Smile are completed, VIVID DREAMS is in post-production, and with BRUNCH and WoMum there is new interesting content worth supporting.
  • 12|04|2021 With Poles and #MenToo there are two more great short film productions for which we have pledged support. Poles is about how a young woman deals with melancholy and #MenToo is a musical short film about four men trying to keep a community space from becoming part of a women’s health centre.
  • 25|03|2021 ⛺️ Welcome to the new ZEISE MEDIA website! In addition to graphic design, photography and web development, we have pitched a new tent: in the future, we will also promote short films, and in the first few months, we already have some great content. Recently we backed the splendid productions The Rev, Smudged Smile and Tremolo.

Short film support

Short films always have something magical about compressing everyday situations into a few minutes. It’s like looking into someone else’s window. The humorous or even socially critical punchlines are thought-provoking.

Web development

With we have built a playground for own web developments. In future, the project ideas and scripts will be moved to this place.

Web projects

abbre­viations, acronyms & codes

Both professionally and privately, you will stumble across abbreviations and wonder what it means. Especially in the traffic and transport sector, abbreviations are used to shorten repetitive standards for the transmission of information and thus to transmit them more quickly. With you can quickly look up the meanings of abbreviations, acronyms and codes. visit


With Sperlink you can generate short links with references to long internet addresses. Short and memorable links are easier to communicate and share with others. The use of Sperlink is characterised by the fact that there is no tracking. We aren't interested in who, how and from where your short links are called up. Optionally, there is only an anonymous counter upwards for each page view. visit


From 2004 to 2010, we followed what was happening in event reporting. Over the years, we focused on film, television, theatre and music.

In 2021, we continue our content commitment to full conviction in supporting actors, musicians and talented artists.