Smudged Smile (GBR 2021)


‘Smudged Smile’ will focus on Zoe, a joyful teenager whose infectious love for life elevates everyone around her. Her sweet 16 is coming up; everything is going well in Zoe’s world. But a smile can paint a thousand stories. Struggling with her mental health whilst maintaining the goofy, happy image that everyone knows and loves, Zoe faces an inner turmoil that overshadows what is meant to be the most exciting night of her year.


Directed by
Ella Greenwood
Written by
Ella Greenwood, Hannah Westall
Produced by
Reno Anastasio (Associate Producer), Ralph Castillo (Executive Producer), Justin Clutter (Associate Producer), Ruth DesRoches (Executive Producer), Michael Dutzer (Associate Producer), Anaïs Ferrato (Assistant Producer), Nate Gilbert (Executive Producer), Ella Greenwood (Producer), Brent N. Hunter (Consulting Producer), Emme Lentino (Senior Executive Producer), Wayne Mckenna-Bruce (Executive Producer), Sami Moughrabie (Executive Producer), Michael Novelli (Consulting Producer), Brian O'Connor (Consulting Producer), Suzanne Ordas Curry (Executive Producer), Oriane Pick (Producer), Lars Steenberg (Associate Producer), Dywayne Thomas (Associate Producer), Philip Ward (Executive Producer), Christian Zeise (Executive Producer)
Cinematography by
Xenia Patricia
Editing by
Emmalie El Fadli
Frankie Fearis


Mia McKenna-Bruce
Elliot Levey
Priya Blackburn
Anna Acton
Mrs. Reeves
Jenny Walters

Crew (continued)

Production Design
Giorgia Lee Joseph
Costume Design
Olivia Hulme
Assistant Makeup Artist
Ellis Mckenna-Bruce
First Assistant Director
Aynoa Alvarez Wautiez
Lydia Farnworth
Covid Supervisor
Vlad-Paul Ghilas

Company Credits

Production Companies
Candid Broads Productions (produced), Broken Flames Productions (produced)
Special Thanks
Michael Novelli