DiamantenVater (DEU 2023)

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The father of two brothers has died unexpectedly of a heart attack. One brother has his father's ashes pressed into a diamond. It was his last wish. The story of two brothers who, following their father's death, embark on a journey into the past in accordance with his last wish.


Directed by
Julius Herrmann
Written by
Cyril Hilfiker, Laurenz Knill
Cinematography by
Tobias Weis
Cyril Hilfiker (Markus), Laurenz Knill (Leonard)
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Markus (26) and Leonard (30) grew up together with their mother after their parents separated. The mother has never gotten over the fact that her husband left her for another woman. She cannot hide her frustration and disappointment from the children. The children grow up with the feeling that they were never wanted by their father.